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maestros marcharon hoy hacia las oficinas del distrito escolar de "evergreen" en san jose para pedir un ajuste a su contrato laboral. take 2 box cesar --- gabriela dellan en vivo nos tiene los detalles. gaby -- asi es... el distritro dice que no hay mucho mas que discutir entre lo que los maestros quieren y lo que... les pueden ofrecer.. -- pero esto no parece ser bien recibido por el personal de la escuela. 0:25 0:47 pkg ---distinguida escuela con distinguidos maestros... este fue uno de los letreros que hoy se vio durante la protesta en el distrito escolar evergreen.. de san jose --- este grupo pide un contrato de trabajo mas justo y piden un aumento de salario -- las negociaciones se paralizaron en octubre, luego de ser discutidas durante seis sesiones.. ahora el dsitrito pidio la intervencion de un mediador para afinar el contrato .. pero esto prolongaria la decision.. sot 1:01 "we had 100 % paid healtcare benefits for pur employees and their families" -- la superintenden te dice que no pueden aumentar el sueldo de los educadores y tampoco sustentar el costo total de los beneficios
with president obama. immigration will also probably be among those discussions. >>> 7:15. new this morning, u.n. ambassador susan rice is meeting with -- on capitol hill with three senators who have been critical of her initial explanation about the attacks in libya. jamie dupree has more from washington, d.c. via skype. >> reporter: there is a lot of talk that she will be nominated for the position of secretary of state. rice is here this morning meeting with senators john mcan, lindsey graham and others in the basement of the capitol. you can see a stakeout that's down there where vee with -- where we have microphones set up. we're hoping to hear from some senators later this morning about this meeting. rice has taken a lot of flack for her explanation on the talk shows about what happened on the attacks in libya on that u.s. facility in benghazi where four republicans were killed. a lot of republicans said she was basically relating a story that was not true about how this attack was fostered and caused by that anti-muslim video that's proven not to be so. but after briefings by intelligence
commute this morning. >>> 5:38 right now. coming up, the u.n. ambassador in the hot seat in washington today. we'll let you know the questions she'll be answering from lawmakers coming up next in a live report. >> reporter: also a new study finds breast cancer rates are not looking good in certain bay area counties. we'll take a look coming up. >>> good tuesday morning to you. taking a live look outside, a dry san jose and south bay. things are going to be changing when it comes to that forecast. enjoy today. rain is coming tomorrow. we've got the forecast coming up with christina. it's 5:41. >>> u.n. ambassador susan rice heading to capitol hill this morning. she's expected to face tough questioning on the recent attacks of the u.s. consulate in benghazi. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with the very latest for us. >> reporter: laura, good morning. she's already had tough criticism from senator john mccain and others who say if she couldn't get the story straight days after the attacks in benghazi, perhaps she should not be considered as a nominee for secretary of state. she has
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, they brought him home. >> stevens was born in the area and graduated here. >>> u.n. ambassador and stanford grad, susan rice, will meet with john mccain tomorrow morning. rice will be asked by the senate foreign relations committee to explain her comments following that attack that killed ambassador stevens. rice initially described the event as a spontaneous fact. rice is considered president obama's first choice for secretary of state when hillary clinton steps down in january. >>> it is tuesday morning in cairo. a little after 9:00 a.m. but overnight, we saw more skirmishes between demonstrators and riot police. a handful of protesters threw rocks. and police fired back with tear gas. the protesters have gathered in tahrir square for a massive protest later today against president mohamed morsi's constitutional decree. the decree grants morsi sweeping, new powers. >>> six killed in oakland during the thanksgiving holiday, from wednesday through just yesterday. oakland surpassed the 2011 homicide total on friday. new at 11:00 tonight, stephanie reports that it could be far worse. >> actio
to block the name nation. >> the president fired back. >> when they after the un ambassador because she's an easy target? they have a problem with it. >>reporter: tonight senator mccain backing away. >> i think she deserves the ability and opportunity to explain herself and her position. >>reporter: ambassador not rivt. the attack was responsible taken us event. >> boosed on the information we have at present l is that in fact what this began as was responsible taken us not pre-med indicated response to what transpivrd in cairo. >>reporter: he wouldn't repeat his vow to stand in rice's way. >> there will be a lot of questions asked of her about this events and others? a today the white house secretary would not say if the president plans to nominate her. there is some speculation that tim geithner job will probably good to white house chef of staff. there is talk of business ceo type like facebook. and while at facebook she has served on president obama job council. she also serves on the walt disney board of director and they own this tv along with the christine rover floated fo
death remains a mystery. >>> u.n. ambassador susan rice will be on capitol hill this week to meet with members of congress to discuss the benghazi attacks. one of her first meetings today will be with john mccain one of her most vocal critics. she came fire for saying it was a spontaneous attack triggered by anger over an american-made anti-muslim video. since then we've learned it was coordinated by al-qaeda affiliates. >>> lawmakers trying to avoid the fiscal cliff, automatic tax hike for all americans, unless congress and the president can compromise. biggest obstacle is a pledge of no tax increases of any kind signed by most republicans. grover norquist is behind the pledge and has convinced thousands of republicans to sign the pledge in exchange for helping them get reelected. some republicans open to breaking the pledge say they will do it by closing loopholes but say entitlement reform must be part of the discussion. >>> do you think you are paying -- >>> good morning. home prices continue to climb nationwide up 3% in september compared to a year ago. in the san francisco a
, there was debate over whether the new chief should be promoted from within or brought in from another city. >>> u.n. ambassador rice will be on capitol hill this week to meet with members of congress to discuss the benghazi attacks. one of the meetings this morning will be with mccain one of the most vocal critics of how she handled the aftermath of the attack. she came fire for saying it was spontaneous triggered over an anti-muslim video. since then we have learned it was a coordinated attack by al-qaeda affiliates. the intelligence community is responsible for not releasing that information right wait a minute >>> lawmakers trying to avoid the fiscal cliff. automatic tax hike and spending cuts for all americans unless congress and the president can reach compromise. biggest obstacle of no tax increases of any kind signed by most republicans. grover norquist is behind that pledge and has convinced thousands of republicans to sign in exchange for helping them get reelected. with fiscal calamity on the horizon some gop lawmakers are changing their tune. >> i will violate the pledge, long story shor
of state, u.n. ambassador susan rice. she's going to capitol hill today for some closed door meetings with republican senators, including some of her toughest critics like john mccain as she attempts to explain her comments about the benghazi terrorist attacks, a move that could also signal the president is planning to go ahead with rice's susan rice heads to capitol hill today where along with the acting cia director, she'll meet with three of her toughest republican critics to do damage control, a move that could pave the way for rice's nomination for secretary of state. at issue, rice's initial incorrect explanation of the september 11th terrorist attack in benghazi. >> this is a spontaneous reaction to a video. >> reporter: when rice's name was first floated for secretary of state, gop senators pounced. >> we will do whatever is necessary to block the nomination that's within our power as far as susan rice is concerned. >> reporter: rice, who said she was relying on preliminary intelligence reports, responded to mccain last week. >> i do think some of the statements he'd made abou
the numbers, get it done. >>> also this morning on capitol hill, u.n. ambassador susan rice is all set to answer pretty tough questions about her comments on those terror attacks in benghazi. rice initially called the attack on the u.s. consulate a spontaneous event over an anti-islam movie. now, recent declassified intelligence reports now calling the attacks an act of terror. four americans died, including bay area native u.s. ambassador chris stevens. rice is considered a front runner to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. >>> 6:34. 34 years after their assassination, san francisco mayor george musconi and supervisor harvey melt will be rekd tonight. the vigil started spontaneously the night of the assassinations and has been held every year. this year's commemoration will have a ceremony at the steps of city hall at 4:30 and then the candlelight march. tuesday's commemoration is actually the reverse sequence of the original march to celebrate advances in gay rights over the years. >>> this morning we are watching your weather as the bay area braces for a series of storms
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11